Kupla Quizz: a Multilingual, Free, Customisable Educational Game

The Centre de Coopération Technique et Pédagogique (CeCoTePe) is pleased to announce the release of Kupla Quizz, a digital, educational, multiplayer and customisable “snakes and ladders” game.



Play solo or in a group:

Whether you prefer to learn on your own or challenge your friends, Kupla Quizz offers an experience that suits your interests. The game supports 1 to 8 players, encouraging social interaction and friendly competition. Whether you are in the classroom, with family or friends, Kupla Quizz turns learning into a fun, collective adventure.



Test your knowledge of the subjects covered by the Skills4You project:

The Kupla Quizz questions, carefully formulated by the Skills4You project partners, offer much more than just a fun experience. They serve as gateways to in-depth knowledge about digital technology, blended learning and differentiated instruction. To further enrich your understanding of these crucial topics, training modules are available for free on our e-learning platform.


Personalise your learning experience:

With Kupla Quizz, you can also create your own set of questions. Teachers, educators and even avid gamers can contribute to enriching the educational content by developing questions on specific topics. This offers exceptional flexibility for adapting the game to the specific needs of each user.


How to access Kupla Quizz:


How to create and use your own questions:

1.From the Kupla Quizz main menu, click on the “Quizz Template” button to open the template registration dialog window.

2. On your computer, select the folder in which you want to save this questionnaire template.

The file is in csv format. Open it with your favourite editor.

It is organised as follows:

  • Subject: each cell in this column can contain a category or a label representing the subject of the question.
  • Question: this cell contains the text of the question that will be shown to the users of the game.
  • Correct answer: this column indicates the correct answer corresponding to the question asked.
  • Incorrect answers: the next 3 columns are reserved for incorrect answers.

Adding or removing a language can be done by duplicating or deleting columns alternately for each language.

3. To use your own questions, click on the “Load Custom Questions” button in the game menu. 

A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the file containing your previously created questionnaire.


You are now ready to start the game. May the best player win!

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