Experiences of teachers with digital learning during COVID-19 pandemic: an exploratory research

EARLI is a large European conference that took place in the Greek city of Thessaloniki this year in August 2023. More than 2500 educational researchers gathered to present their work and research results to each other. Also Adriaan Vervoort participated in this conference and took the opportunity to present his work, executed within the Skills4You project, to this international audience.

Subject of the presentation are the results of the preliminary research in which we spoke to 42 teachers from secondary and higher education in the MRE about their experiences with digital education during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this research, barriers and opportunities for the development of digital competencies were explored. The experiences of teachers with digital technology are of extraordinary value, since they can inform us on the thresholds for development, as well as give direction to the focus needed for further development. Remarkable in this research is the central role of school policy.  Through the eyes of the teachers, the school policy is of crucial importance in the complex web that is the digitalisation of education.


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