Differentiated instruction in vocational and higher education – good practices

Differentiated instruction is a pedagogical-didactical approach that can support teachers to respond adequately to differences among their students.

During the Skills4You project, the team from Maastricht University developed, implemented, and evaluated a training focused on differentiated instruction for teachers in secondary and higher vocational education in the Netherlands, Flanders, and Wallonia.

The training is based on the results of focus groups interviews with teachers and educational experts from these contexts (see AMEE and ORD 2022). 

Furthermore, we evaluated this training through evaluation forms and group interviews with teachers from these contexts (see AMEE and ORD 2023).

What we have learned from our research, as well as from the training sessions, is that teachers have a need for additional (visual) support. Consequently, in collaboration with graphic designer Iris Thijsen, we developed an infographic that visually summarizes the best practice learned from the research in combination with the five differentiation principles outlined by Keuning et al. (2021) for vocational education.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who assisted us!


You can download the infographic(s) down below:

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